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    工作內容:抽取核酸(DNA/RNA)、製備library、學習NGS分析待遇薪資:比照科技部規定工作地點:臺大醫院兒童醫院基因醫學部實驗室聯絡方式:pohanlin01@gmail.com 林醫師  more »

  • 6/6(四)Dr. I-hsin Su專題演講,請踴躍參加

  • 2019-06-22 細胞膜與囊泡運輸研討會 開始報名

  • 108 學年度博士班招生口試名單

  • 108學年度博士班招生簡章已公告

  • Chiang T.-S., Lin M.-C., Tsai M.-C., Chen C.-H, Jang L.-T., and *Lee F.-J. S. (2019) " ADP-ribosylation factor-like 4A interacts with Robo1 to promote cell migration via regulating Cdc42 activation" Mol. Biol. Cell 30: 69-81. – 李芳仁老師
  • Tien SC, Lee HH, and Chang ZF. (2016) The Shp2-induced epithelial disorganization defect is reversed by HDAC6 inhibition independent of Cdc42. Nature Comm. 7:10420 – 張智芬老師
  • Lee CY, Lai TY, Tsai MK, Chang YC, Ho YH, Yu IS, Yeh TW, Chou CC, Lin YS, Lawrence T, and Hsu LC* (2017) The Ubiquitin Ligase ZNRF1 promotes caveolin-1 ubiquitination and degradation to modulate inflammation. Nat Commun. (In press) - 徐立中老師
  • Chen CH, Hsu HW, Chang YH, Pan CL. (2019) Adhesive L1CAM-Robo Signaling Aligns Growth Cone F-Actin Dynamics to Promote Axon-Dendrite Fasciculation in C. elegans. Developmental Cell 48: 215-228. (recommended by FB1000) – 潘俊良老師
  • Lin T., Pan PY., Lai YT., Chiang KW., Hsieh HL., Wu YP., Ke JM., Tang CY., Yang SB., Cheng HC., Wu JT., Jan YN. and Lee, HH. (2015) Spindle-F is the central mediator of Ik2 kinase-dependent dendrite pruning in Drosophila sensory neurons. PLoS Genetics 11(11): e1005642.– 李秀香老師
  • Chin, Y.H.*, Lee, A.*, Kan, H.W., Laiman J., Chuang, M.C., Hsieh, S.T. and Liu, Y.W. (2015), Dynamin-2 mutations associated with centronuclear myopathy are hypermorphic and lead to T-tubule fragmentation. Hum Mol Genet 24, 5542-54 (* equal contribution).– 劉雅雯老師
  • Tsai, H.Y., Chen, C.C., Conte, D. Jr, Moresco, J.J., Chaves, D.A., Mitani, S., Yates, J.R. 3rd, Tsai, M.D., and Mello, C.C. (2015) A ribonuclease coordinates siRNA amplification and mRNA cleavage during RNAi. Cell. 29;160(3):407-19. - 蔡欣祐老師


  • 年度:2019
  • 姓名:廖健博
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  • 年度:2019
  • 姓名:何俊緯
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    臺大醫學院研究生優秀著作獎碩士班傑出著作獎 ......